A friendly club with a proud history

Hurlingham Yacht Club is the sort of place you didn’t know still existed.

The history of club dates back nearly 100 years, and the club has been on its current site for nearly 90 years. Most of the shore-based part of the club sits underneath Fulham Railway Bridge, with the District line trains thundering overhead.  The clubhouse itself is set to one side, with the most amazing views over the Thames and beyond.  The club is run and maintained by its members, and overseen by a Committee.

Perhaps the best way to describe the club is an ‘authentic working boatyard’.  The club sits in the middle of one of the most expensive residential areas in London, yet the down-to-earth, honest character of the place is perhaps what draws people to become members.  If you’re looking for a club to moor your super-yacht while drinking fine champagne, then you’re probably in the wrong place.  But if you love boats, working on them and talking about them over a beer with like-minded people, then you have just stumbled across your new second home……

The club has an impressive range of facilities, including moorings, work yard and a trailer park.

We also do a huge amount to help other local community organisations, and we are always willing to make available our resources to them.

Finally, if you have the time, have a look through the history section of the website.  The place really has a fascinating heritage, and has always been full of real characters.  This history section includes an array of beautifully preserved documents dating back almost 100 years.  Enjoy!