The Club has a proud history dating back around 100 years, and is directly developed from the Yacht Owners Association founded well before the 1914-1918 war. Hurlingham Yacht Club was formed by the remaining members, with premises at the Fulham end of Putney Railway Bridge.  In 1929, the Club relocated to its current site on Deodar Road.

However, in 1939, war again struck the country and the Club became dormant, as did many others. During the war, many of our Members were on active service, with some taking part in the Dunkirk Armada.  But after those six long years, though buildings and plant had suffered badly, the members gathered round and put them in condition so that we were a fully functioning as a Yacht Club by 1945.

In the following decades, the Club continued to evolve and develop – albeit not always in a linear fashion.

Twenty years ago, the then committee started the process to build a walk-on all tide pontoon at Broomhouse dock. After great efforts by the members and the committee we have a wonderful asset that hopefully our clubs boat owners will enjoy for many years to come.

Today, the Club is a very friendly place with excellent facilities, including its own dry-dock, landing stage, dingy trot and over 3,000 feet of moorings. We play a leading role in protecting the environment we share with our neighbours, and we have some great plans for the future.

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