Members of Hurlingham Yacht Club have access to the following resources (subject to availability):


The club has a large boatyard to allow members to work on their boats (for some, a multi-year project)!  The yard has all of the necessary lifting gear and welding equipment to allow for full repairs on the boats, as well as a number of shipping containers that can be used by the members for storage purposes.


The Clubhouse directly overlooks the river, with a large balcony and sliding doors allowing members to spend summer evenings enjoying the river with a beer in hand.  The clubhouse has a fully stocked bar, with drinks available at very close to cost price.  Darts, a pool table and projection TV system are also available.

Moorings & landing stage

Club members have use of river moorings and a large pontoon berth on the opposite bank of the River, in front of the Hurlingham Club and accessible via Broomhouse Lane (there is a waiting list for these moorings).  The club has recently installed a further six midstream moorings for use by members and visitors. We have 6 wet moorings, 12 drying moorings and 120 ft of drying dinghy trot moorings. At the club itself there is a visitors landing stage.

Dry dock

Club members have access to one of the largest (and maybe only) dry docks on the tidal Thames, accommodating boats of up to 50ft length – working with both private individuals and commercial operators.

Trailer storage park

On the opposite side of Deodar Road, alongside Fulham Railway Bridge, the club has a small trailer park for members to leave trailers when not in use.