Agreement for Hire Of Hurlingham Yacht Club Clubhouse January 2024 onward until superceded


This agreement gives the terms and conditions for usage of Hurlingham Yacht Club (the Club) premises and clubhouse for an event.

General and Safety Conditions

  1. Hirers are responsible for their guests on Club premises.
  2. A member of the Club Committee must attend the event.
  3. Hirers must be aware that this is a working boatyard: boats, vehicles, tools and equipment are kept here. It is not a playground. Attendees are required to take due care of themselves and any children present.
  4. The River Thames is dangerous. For safety no one is allowed beyond the barrier on the balcony overlooking the river onto the gangway to the pontoon or on any ladders to the foreshore.
  5. Guests who do not control their children or who behave in a manner that, in the opinion of the committee member present, is prejudicial to good order or the reputation of the Club may be required to leave.
  6. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that any guest who enters the club causes no nuisance and that all guests leave quietly at the end of the event.
  7. All hirers are responsible for having and ensuring that guests know the evacuation procedures in place and have provided the necessary first aid equipment.
  8. All hirers must provide a mobile phone contact number for emergencies.

Use and Restrictions

  1. Hirers may have non-exclusive access to the clubhouse from the morning of a booked event to set up, but may not restrict members’ access until 2 hours before the event.
  2. Parking in the club yard during events is restricted to delivery and service vehicles, event guests’ vehicles are not permitted.
  3. Parking in Deodar Road and the surrounding streets is extremely limited. Please have guests attending use public transport wherever possible.
  4. The club is in a residential street where noise is a sensitive topic. All clubhouse windows need to be closed except those opening on to the river. The doors not to be propped or left open.
  5. There is to be no live music. The volume of music is at the discretion of the attending committee member and in any case limited by the Club’s volume limiter.
  6. The hirer shall replace any furniture/equipment they may have moved.
  7. The hirer will leave the premises in a clean condition and in good order by the end of the day following the event.
  8. A hirer must not sub-let to another party.
  9. Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse. Smoking is permitted on the balcony
  10. The bar opening time is to be agreed when booking the event.
  11. The bar closing time is 11pm unless a late opening has been agreed and the hirer has arranged a license for this.

Prices and Payments

  1. Clubhouse event hire for HYC members: £100, for non-members: £350.
  2. Cleaning charge for all events: £100. This is refundable if the hirer arranges their own cleaning and this is assessed as satisfactory by the HYC committee.
  3. Bar staff charge when the bar is open: £150
  4. Corkage per bottle brought on to club premises: £8 per bottle.
    Full bottles removed after the event will be refunded.
  5. Invoices are produced on acceptance of an application to hire and full payment is expected immediately for single bookings. Failure to comply will mean the booking is cancelled.
  6. The Club reserves the right to charge for any additional cleaning that is required as a result of the premises not being left in a clean condition,
  7. The Club reserves the right to charge the cost of repair or replacement resulting from any loss of damage arising from the hiring however caused or of whatever nature to the Club premises and all equipment or property, thereon whether provided by the Club or any other body or person. Hirers shall notify the Treasurer as soon as possible of any damage.

You can download the Venue Hire agreement PDF here