Committee members are appointed or reappointed at the Annual General Meeting in April each year.

This year’s meeting is taking place on 27th April at 19.30 in the Clubhouse (Agenda). All members are invited to attend and anyone interested in joining the committee is invited to submit a nomination form. Nomination forms can be downloaded HERE and must be posted on the noticeboard at the clubhouse by 19.00 on 19th April 2018 to be included in the ballot. Interested parties are able to nominate themselves for specific positions or for the general committee member roles.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Nicola Acton-Davis
I was elected as Commodore in 2016, having been on the Committee previously. I have been involved in boating for years and keep a boat on the Thames. HYC is a club that welcomes both boat owners and non-boat owners who have a common interest in water and the social elements of boating.

I look forward to welcoming all the current and prospective members at the Clubhouse or on the river.
Paul Gilley
Vice Commodore & Communications
Paul Gilley, Growing up in Southampton meant that boating was a regular event and have grown up with Sail boats and Motor boats in equal measure.

Moved to Putney 10 years ago and very quickly made friends with Hurlingham Yacht Club. Very much a community club meeting i have got to know most of the members over the years and now pleased to serve the club in my adopted role of Communications officer. Boats are contagious things and i now own more than one but love them all!
Chris O'Callaghan
Rear Commodore
My attraction to boating/sailing started with many regattas with friends mainly on the Solent in the mid 80’s. I progressed to doing several trips to Antigua Sailing Week and Isle of Wight, round the island. I bought my first boat in 2013 and have had great fun on the Thames since. More adventures further afield are planned!

A member since 2008 and now Rear Commodore, I am looking forward to growing and improving the club over the coming years.
Matthew Lord
Company Secretary
Growing up in Australia, I learnt to love the outdoors and boats in particular at an early age. In fact my children call me a boat nerd as I love reading and participating in any type of water borne activity.

I moved to Fulham almost 17 years ago and am ashamed to say that it took me over ten years to find the club, but I am very glad that I did as I have found that it provides a friendly, welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment, for all those interested in getting on the water in any way, shape, or form. As Paul has pointed out, boats are a contagious thing and I am currently on my 7th one and am constantly looking at what my 8th should be! I would encourage anyone who is thinking about joining to come to the clubhouse on a Friday night, meet some people and see if it is something for you. Don't wait 10 years like I did. I hope to see you all soon.
Martin Haggis
Social Secretary for the club. Introduced to the club by a friend, I quickly realised what an oasis the club was.

I purchased a 19ft Fairline from another member of the club, and had many great weekends and trips up and down the river.
Brian More O'Ferrall
I joined the club with no previous experience of power boating in 2013 and have found it a unique and friendly place with many knowledgeable and experienced members all willing to lend a hand. It’s fair to say that I have learned almost everything I know about power boats at the HYC. I have a 19ft boat which I try to use whenever (a) it is working and (b) my young family and work allow.

I am keen to give back and relish the challenge of Treasurer on the Committee, bringing my experience as a Chartered Accountant in business to bear.
Alan Williams
I first joined the HYC in 1984. I have had an interest in messing around in boats since an early age (see photo) and at present potter about in my Nimbus 26.

I have been a committee member for four years and at present hold the position of acting Catering Manager (temporary)
Nick Harvey
After living all my life in London and learning to sail on Wimbledon Park, it is amazing that it took me so long to find the HYC. Having been told and coerced by friends, for over 7 years, that this “Yacht Club”, is nothing like any other, I took a peak. The club is comprised of many people, from different walks of life, all with one aim: to have fun on the Thames and enjoy life. Having got the bug, I decided to put a bit more into it and as consequence I also get a lot more out. The club is true gem that for many hasn’t been found.
Peter Britten