1920 – Origins of HYC

It is thought that Hurlingham Yacht Club (HYC) was directly developed from the Yacht Owners’ Association, which itself was founded well before the First World War of 1914-18. The Motorboat edition of November 1935 says the HYC was founded in 1911!  In 1970 there was a 50th anniversary party suggesting that members had then decided it must have been 1920. [PHOTO]

Generally it seems accepted that the Club was formed after the first World War. The Yacht Owners Association was almost non existent and then, and, most probably in 1922, the Hurlingham Yacht Club was formed by the remaining members. These were the original Club members, many of whom were ex soldiers who had survived the war.

These first HYC members were generally enthusiastic DIY types, people maintaining their own boats and, if they were not already skilled engineers, they soon learned all the skills needed. They became local tradesmen and shopkeepers. The Club had premises at the Fulham end of the Putney Railway Bridge by what was then named Fulham Station.  The railway had been extended across the river in 1890. The Putney Railway Bridge was designed and built by William Jacobs, Brunel’s assistant. The steamer pier was demolished soon after that.  The station leased premises to the Fulham Yacht Club and it in turn sublet to the HYC.


(No 17)

Here is a 1927 picture of the moorings on the north side of the river at that time.