MembershipInitial Membership Administration Fee£40.00
Annual subscription£120.00
Members joining from 1 September£60.00
Country membership£27.00
Dry mooringsMinimum charge of 20ft LOA£3.71 per foot, per quarter
Wet mooringsMinimum charge of 28ft LOA£5.15 per foot, per quarter
Broomhouse pontoonMinimum charge of 20ft LOA£14.60 per foot, per quarter
Inside dry dockOctober to March (in addition to normal moorings)£0.50 per foot, per day members
£0.75 per foot, per day non-members
April to September (in addition to normal moorings)£0.75 per foot, per day members
£1.00 per foot, per day non-members
Alongside dry dock(in addition to normal moorings)£0.27 per foot, per week
LandBoats (on or off trailer)£0.66 + VAT = £0.79 per foot, per week
Land extensionBoats (on or off trailer)£0.44 + VAT = £0.53 per foot, per week
Container£361.02 + VAT = £433.22 per quarter
Large locker£36.00 per year
Small locker£18.00 per year
Dinghy trot£32.00 per year
Empty trailerFor members£9.38 + VAT = £11.26 per week
For non-members£12.50 + VAT = £15.00 per week
Members car in yardNot including normal parking£11.26 + VAT = £13.51 per week
Non-members car in yardOnly with Officer permission£18.72 + VAT = £22.46 per week
Hire hall for members(non members by negotiation) Hirer to supply approved staff and clean after use£62.55 + VAT = £75.06 / session